Expert Choice For The Best Champagne Glasses

When considering the best glasses for drinking Champagne or other sparkling wines, flutes come to mind for most, followed closely by coupes. Some wine experts may disagree. Guillaume Roffiaen is Chief Winemaker at Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte. He explains that flutes encourage fizziness and rapid development of bubbles. They are too narrow and vertical. There is not enough space for aromas to develop, and there is no place to stick your nose in it. Felicia Colbert, a Washington, D.C., sommelier, has a looser approach. She says that there is no wrong or right glass. Colbert says that it is important to understand what each glass does for your wine drinking experience. Here are the best Champagne glasses to suit every occasion.

Best Overall: NUDE Stem Zero Champagne Flute

Colbert says sparkling wine should be consumed on special occasions almost always requires crystal flutes. She says that the flute’s shape allows wine to be funneled towards the back of the palate. This creates a long finish, which some people may prefer. A tray can hold more flutes than a coupe or all-purpose wine glass, making it ideal for larger parties.

Turkish glassware company NUDE excels at maximizing the flute’s function. The brand’s Stem Zero collection is well-known for its extremely fine and durable, lead-free crystal. (The glasses are made using “Ion Shielding”, technology by the brand). This particular silhouette has a tapered mouth that optimizes flavor and effervescence. These glasses can be washed in the dishwasher, and have a 10-ounce capacity.

Best Set: Lehmann Absolus Wine Glass

Roffiaen prefers a tulip-shaped champagne glass. It is narrow at the base which allows for bubble release and has a large diameter at its widest point. This allows for more aromas to develop and a higher “chimney” for aroma delivery. He says, “It is the perfect glass for Champagne tasting.” “I tried a lot of glasses before I decided on the Absolus glass. It was developed by Lehmann, a renowned glassware company in Champagne. Roffiaen suggests that you wash these glasses in very hot water without soap and then dry them with a linen towel. They come in sets of six and weigh 13 ounces.

Zalto denk’Art Champagne glass is best for tasting

Champagne Billecart–Salmon CEO Mathieu Raymond-Billecart is one of many Champagne experts who favor the tulip shape. He says that he prefers glasses with a wide mouth and a narrow top for a better expression of wine and smell. Roland-Billecart says that the wide bowl “wakes up the wine”, while the tapered mouth concentrates the wine’s flavors as they make their way to your lips. Zalto glasses are beloved by wine professionals for their delicate material, brilliant clarity, and stunning design. The Zalto Denk’Art Champagne Glass is the best choice if you want to taste Champagne and other sparkling wines like a professional.

Best Value: Gabriel Glas “One for All StandArt

Colbert says that a universal wine glass will have a narrower mouth and less etching to allow the wine to remain bubbly longer. This glass channels the wine evenly across your palate. It gives you more flavor and texture upfront, and a smoother finish. Austrian-made Gabriel-Glas makes some of the most versatile wine glasses available. It offers two options for stemware in the same shape: one machine-molded (the StandArt Edition) and one that is mouth-blown (the Gold Edition). These champagne glasses are a more versatile and larger version of the tulip, with a wider base and a narrower mouth. They’re designed to highlight the wine’s journey from your palate to your lips.

The StandArt edition is a good option if you are looking for high-quality glass at a reasonable price. It is slightly thicker and generally half the cost of the Gold edition. Both versions can be washed in the dishwasher and each glass holds 8 ounces.

Best Coupe: Riedel Veritas Coupe

Although they aren’t the most practical, coupes can be elegantly designed and easy to use. Colbert says that coupes don’t work well for sparkling wine and champagne carbonation because of their wide mouth. My advice is to drink bubbles in a coupe-like a shot. Riedel’s Veritas Collection features a striking coupe. It is known for its lightness, durability, and fineness. To preserve the wine’s integrity, they have added a “sparkling tip”. These glasses can be washed in the dishwasher and hold 8 ounces.

Best tumbler: BruMate Wine Glass Tumbler

Imagine this: You’re out enjoying a sunny day and decide to open some bubbly. You don’t want to use expensive glassware outdoors so you choose a plastic or acrylic cup. Problem? The problem? BruMate’s triple insulated wine tumblers solves this problem, with a splash-proof lid that prevents condensation and a non-condensing exterior. They are made of stainless steel and can hold more than half a bottle of champagne. These tumblers can also be used to keep hot beverages such as tea, coffee, and other hot drinks warm.

It’s good to know:

Colbert says, “It is important that you note that pet rats will generally be your lowest sparkling wine, followed by generic cava, Prosecco, then Champagne, high-quality Cava and Prosecco. All of these wines have different carbonation processes, so it is important to know which glassware has the stronger or more lasting bubble.

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